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BAn appeel - r4ndoom - 12-25-2017

In-game name: r4ndoom

When were you baned (mm-dd-yyyy): Cr-is-tmas

Who banned you: no idea?!???

Why were you banned: for 'manual permanent ban' idk what that mean

Do you admit: to what? i havent banned anyone.

Why should we unban you: because i dont think i done anythink wrong

Proof (if needed):

pls unban i want too built and have fun with u

RE: BAn appeel - braingame49 - 12-28-2017

The reason why I banned you is because you changed the big sign that said The Gaming Shelter to The Gaying shelter.
You are not allowed to do that.

RE: BAn appeel - H2O - 02-03-2018