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November 10th 2017 added rule D17: You're allowed to vote once, voting multiple times can result in a punishment
November 8th 2017 Created the rules.

The Official TGS Rules

Forum Rules:
F1 - Don't spam
F2 - Do not post or promote links about Pirated content.
F3 - Don't post NSFW (pronography/gore)  content
F4 - Do not Harass any Community/Forum Member
F5 - Search for similar threads before posting a new one
F6 - Make sure to post in the right section/category
F7 - Do not Advertise on this forum, Unless you want to sponsor us then contact us
F8 - Do not create HUGE signatures, if it is too long we will remove it.

Event Rules:
E1 - Unless stated otherwise, Join our Discord, as the host will be giving crucial instructions there
E2 - Do not sign up if you have no intention of showing up. If you believe you will be late, or might not be able to join the event, you must say so in your post.
E3 - Do not disrespect any member or staff
E4 - You must listen to the host and/or co-hosts and community staff (admins, moderators). You have to let them speak when they have to.
E5 - Unless stated otherwise on the event topic, no one is allowed to have mods, hacks or trainers during events. Not following this rule may result in a permanent ban.
E6 - Do not troll.

Discord Rules:
D1 - No Soundboards
D2 - No Voicechangers
D3 - Do not Spam
D4 - Do not scream
D5 - Do Not play Copyrighted music
D6 - Do not post random photos in the normal text channel. Only in #Memes
D7 - Do not post NSFW pictures or videos. We don't want that here.
D8 - Do not advertise
D9 - Don't be a cunt
D10 - Wow you are a cool if you are still reading, Say I agree with D10 to braingame49
D11 - You are not allowed to have an inappropriate name or picture, if so it will be changed or you will be kicked.
D12 - Want a bot? PM braingame49 with botname (maybe Link) and what it can do. If Denied you are not allowed to ask again for 2 weeks
D13 - Do not swear
D14 - Do Not use TTS unless you can't speak.
D15 - Only Talk english.
D16 - Does not exist
D17 - You're allowed to vote once, voting multiple times can result in a punishment

Staff Rules:
S1 - Do not abuse your rank
S2 - Do not ban/kick people randomly
S3 - Do not add random bots
S4 - Do not randomly promote people
S5 - Do not Unban random people
S7 - hi

These rules can change anytime.
Make sure to check every month or so to see if we added a rule.

Thank you for reading,

- The TSG Staff team.

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