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Where do you live?

Where in the world do you guys live?
I live in Cheshire, England.

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Groningen, The Netherlands Smile

Near England.

I live in United Kingdom near London

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Wales, Near Bridgend

Alblasserdam . The Netherlands

I live in the United Kingdom near London

I thought might be easier to show you a lil map.

Northampton is the main town, which is just located next to major motorway  M1 through the UK, which stretches from North to South (London to Leeds)

As you head south down the M1 you pass Milton Keynes....... while heading north you meet several major towns & cities. (Leicester, Nottingham, Derby) 

Where as my town is located more to the East, with towns like Kettering.

[Image: yYxrTtM.jpg]
[Image: zcW1ddU.jpg] [Image: photo.jpg] 

I live in UK in Milton keynes

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