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Finished PS4 Event | GTA Online | Sun 12/11/17

PlayStation 4 | GTA Online | Sunday 12th November 2017

[Image: j6sgbc.jpg]

Game: Grand Theft Auto V
Platform: PlayStation 4
Date: Sunday 12th November 2017

Time: 6:00pm, UK time

Schedule: Trying out much stuff like racing, TDM, Last Team Standing, Busted and etc..

If you want me to host a certain map/gamemode then POST THE LINK TO THE MAP IN THIS TOPIC!

Sign up with your PSN username:
01. Lenichelle
02. kbuxtonator
03. Monaghan13
04. Azzajoe
05. black_Dragon418
06. sci-fi-frede
07. oliver_dean
08. itsjaw909
09. MIDNIGHT180403
10. danielc2400
11. agentILN
12. braingame49
13. Reality-xPredz
14. About_30africans
15. GangnamAlan
16. ErasedPlayzYT

- Please DON'T throw the grenade at LINE UP!
Don't keep asking to be the crook or you won't be picked.
DON'T throw the grenade for 10 seconds until when the crook stuck and no move.
- Use a grenade to KILL YOURSELF!
- Please don't use offroading, mountains, highways when you're a crook!

[Image: 52a.png]
You need to join our Discord group -

Don't have one?
Or you can download the app on your phone!

- Please do NOT scream though your mic or headset.
- Calm and let's normal talking.
- Laughing is fine, not too much!

I'm in

Psn kbuxtonator

I'm In
Psn Monaghan13

Can I sign my friend up as well
Psn Azzajoe

I'm in black_Dragon 418

Im in sci-fi-frede

I'm in 
PSN: olivier_dean

Im in

Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk

im in psn: MIDNIGHT180403, oh and Leni, i changed my discord name to MIDNIGHT180403, so you know who i am on psn

U know I’m in ( PSN danielc2400 )

me maybe and lol i'm staring off to nothing

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